Sagewise MIC specializes in mortgage financing and offers a broad range of mortgage products and a high level of personal and professional service to clients. We offer competitive rates and fees and have the ability to provide immediate approvals and commitments.

For several years we have been committed to structuring creative transactions that meet the needs of our broad clientele.


With an average of 20 years in the industry, our team has the knowledge and experience to create and structure conservative non-institutional mortgages while maintaining a diversified mortgage portfolio.


Our conservative approach maximizes returns for investors while mitigating downside risk.

Track Record

Since our inception in 2019, we have consistently outperformed comparable investments.

Portfolio Highlights

Diversified pool of mortgages.
Short portfolio duration allowing for limited interest rate risk.
First and second position mortgages, registered against desirable residential properties.
Low weighted average loan to value.
Listed on Fundserv (code: “QNB 220”)

Historic Returns

Consistent returns over an extended period of time.
Returns of greater than 8% per annum since inception.
Opportunity to hold a significant income producing asset with a short duration backed by tangible assets.

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